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Country: Latvia

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Domain name length7
Domain name length without TLD4
Abuse contactabuse [at] 0306.lv
Reverse ordervl.6030
Sha256 Hashe741bc3878adb80b85992e3cb7f67a20c8fd4b10c5da288f75a9c3ba917e966f
Domain MD5 Hashdfe9006e7b5f7b0debf763d2d9901e74


TypeLegal person, Natural person
NameBerzins, IK
Emailjuris [at] berzins.lv, orrests [at] gmail.com
Phone+37129262971, +371 29233651
AddressBramberges iela 45a, Riga, LV1058, Latvija

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