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Zero Negatif - Underwater Communication

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Country: Germany

Basic information about 0negatif.fr

Domain name length11
Domain name length without TLD8
Abuse contactabuse [at] 0negatif.fr
Reverse orderrf.fitagen0
Sha256 Hash0bdf329261fd60e425de19b4bbd434fef9bde8204d3cfbfe1fedd8dbab177940
Domain MD5 Hasha061dd1ac83457a4eeb08054a4979a28


Registrar1&1 Internet AG, 1&1 Internet AG, 1&1 Internet AG, 1&1 Internet AG, 1&1 Internet AG
Expiry Date28/12/2015
Nserverns61.1and1.fr, ns62.1and1.fr
AddressErnst-Frey Strasse 9, 76135 KARLSRUHE, 1&1 Internet SARL, 7, place de la Gare, 57200 Sarreguemines
CountryDE, FR
Phone+49 721 91374 50, +33 9 70 80 89 11
Fax-no+49 721 91374 215, +33 3 87 95 99 74
E-mailhostmaster [at] 1und1.de, hostmaster [at] 1and1.fr
AnonymousNO, YES, YES, NO
ContactAno Nymous, Ano Nymous, 1&1 Internet SARL
Remarks-------------- WARNING --------------, While the registrar knows him/her,, this person chose to restrict access, to his/her personal data. So PLEASE,, don't send emails to Ano Nymous. This, address is bogus and there is no hope, of a reply., -------------- WARNI
Changed28/12/2010 anonymous [at] nowhere.xx.fr, 13/10/2015 anonymous [at] nowhere.xx.fr, 30/06/2015 nic [at] nic.fr
ObsoletedNO, NO, NO
Eligstatusok, ok
Eligdate13/10/2015 13:25:22

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